Travel and Live with ALL Senses

Senses – what do they encompass?

There are the basic 5 senses:- Smell, Taste, Sight, Sound, and Touch.

However, I would like to add more to the mix, for example, your 6th sense – Intuition, Sense of Self (Individuality), Sense of Belonging, Sense of Security, Sense of Knowing,…

The funny – sad thing that I have noticed since the introduction of smartphones, headphones and tablets is that they have become a filter and/or a block in our lives. We keep these devices well within arms length, it is not much different than a security blanket. Our interaction with those pertinent and not-so pertinent to our lives are done through these electronic devices. If you don’t believe me, simply look up from your screen and see how many people have their eyes glued onto a glowing screen while “spending time with others.”

Instead of feeling the texture of the bark on a tree or smelling a blooming rose, we take a picture of it, click “share.” The receiver on the other end views it, sense some degree of appreciation, other emotions and move onto the next photo.

What happens if we turn back time and reconnect with the world WITHOUT these devices?! Is it too difficult to fathom?

How often have I been too busy capturing a photo of a delicious plate of food before tasting it myself!? How often have I tried to capture the moment with a photo or a video in hopes to share it with others – later!? Whether it’s really done with a sprinkle of good intention and/or a sprinkle of ego fluffing – that’s another discussion. The point is while trying to capture and share those moments, I, myself, have missed out while trying to capture that moment.

When I take a break from holding my phone in my hand and unplug from the artificial filters, the sounds from my surrounding keeps me in awareness along with the vibrancy of the surrounding environment. Try it for yourself – simply unplug your headphones and place them into you bag, you can keep holding onto your phone for now. Perhaps you just missed a close call with a cyclist or fellow pedestrian. Perhaps you saw something you would have missed if not for looking up from your phone.


Reconnecting to the surrounding environment can bring about a sense of belonging.

There is no need to separate yourself and disconnect from your surroundings by “connecting” strictly through your devices. It is simply a delay in response. A method of avoidance. It not much different than blocking your senses and proper brain function with the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs. Facing the problem at hand can be painful but not as painful as the eventual result of continual avoidance of problems.

Are you the type who prefer to rip the band-aid off?! Or rather peel it off slowly and sense each hair follicle pulled out one by one!?

In my own experience, it is easier to reconnect to myself after reconnecting with my surrounding environment. From feeling the sense of belonging in my surrounding environment, I can expand it to feel a sense of belonging in the Universe and inversely, I can go within and feel my sense of self without my insecurities overwhelming me. Movement through exercise and yoga has helped me connect with my own body on a physical level. I can feel supported. I can feel safe. I can gain a sense of security.

Life is very much like building blocks.

Start where you are.

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