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Fulfilling my sense of Touch Sight Smell Sound in Toronto with cherry blossoms 2015 Spring
Senses – what do they encompass? There are the basic 5 senses:- Smell, Taste, Sight, Sound, and Touch. However, I would like to add more to the mix, for example, your 6th sense –¬†Intuition, Sense of Self (Individuality), Sense of Belonging, Sense of Security, Sense of Knowing,… The funny – sad thing that I have noticed since the introduction of smartphones, headphones and tablets is that they have become a filter and/or a block in our lives. We keep these devices well within arms length, it is not much different than a security blanket. Our interaction with those pertinent and not-so pertinent to our lives are done through these electronic devices. If you don’t believe me, simply look up from your screen and see how many people have their eyes glued onto a glowing screen while “spending time with others.” Instead of feeling the texture of the bark on a tree or smelling a blooming rose, we take a picture of it, click “share.” The receiver on the other end views it, sense some degree of appreciation, other emotions and move onto the next photo. What happens if we turn back time and reconnect with the world WITHOUT these devices?! […]

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