Travel for your Mind, Body & Spirit

The Offering

Are you ready to do something for yourself?!


Do you want to make changes?   See life from a different perspective?

If yes, come on a journey with me.


Travel with Your Body, Mind and Spirit



This is not your every day tour with detailed, itemized itinerary.

Life is more than consumerism and materialism.

The Spontaneous itinerary is based on your Heart and your Intuition.

This journey will help you see yourself, life and travel, from a different level of awareness.

Live Life through unique experiences.

Connect.  EXPLORE.  Love.  EMPOWER.  Joy.


The Intention of our Spiritual tours is to help our clients gain empowerment, confidence and increase global awareness through interactions with locals and explore the unknown; to break out of their usual comfort zones, daily routine and mindsets.

The guide will not only be your personal tour guide but she will be your facilitator, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, BodyTalk Access technician, and coach.

At the destination of your choice, an unique, impromptu path will be formulated intuitively. Build upon your independence. Learn to find familiarity in a strange place. Open your heart to new experiences. Open your mind to new ideas. You will gain an experience like no other.




Try new activities. Try new food. Try the opposite. Push the envelop.

Rejuvenate. RE-Ignite. Stimulate.

Find yourself – Not the one build for and by the society.



Each journey is one week minimum; starts on a Sunday and ends on the following Saturday.

Here’s a synopsis:

Arrive on the Saturday, acclimatize and we meet in person. Set an intention for the week ahead.

Scenery Sunday – Start with Orientation – The Journey BEGINS!!

Macro Monday – Start to look at the world at a macro level – with Fresh eyes and curiosity.

Travel Tuesday – Time to explore on all levels; inner and outer world.

Wordless Wednesday – A day of inward reflection; yoga, meditation, or Reiki – the goal is to relax and rejuvenate.

Travel Thought Thursday – Reflect and process the experiences gained within the last few days.

Freedom Friday – Any thing goes.

Spiritual Saturday – Let go of something that no longer serves you.

Bid farewell or click “Repeat” and move to the next step of the Journey.

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A sample day could look and feel like this…

Say it’s a Wednesday, we have been exploring Turkey. We’ve left busy Istanbul for a small historical town with plenty of Ottoman houses. The air is fresh. The landscape is breath taking. You no longer feel the urge to check your email. The idea of meeting deadlines and how to appease that new client is a distant past.

The traditional heated platform covered with marble stone. at Cemberlitas Hamami, Istanbul, Turkey
The traditional heated platform covered with marble stone. at Cemberlitas Hamami, Istanbul, Turkey

Wednesday, typically known as ‘Hump’ day in North America, will be known as R&R day when traveling with Spiritual Radiance Tours. Time to rejuvenate. When in Turkey, a visit to the local Hamami (Turkish bath house) is a must. Men and women, separately, enjoy the pleasures of cleansing their body and mind. In turn, their spirits are lifted and re-awakened after a visit to the marble clad room.

Depending on your level of comfort with your physical body, this can be a test to your mind and your emotional being. Will you decide to follow traditions and embrace your body without judgement? How will you feel when the (same sex) attendant exfoliate your body? Will you appreciate their animated conversation with you or prefer to be fully aware with all of your senses. The soap massage may remind you of your childhood bubble baths which you miss dearly.

After this new experience, you may want to nourish your body internally with delicious food. You may want to share your thoughts of this unique experience with the Guide.

The sun is shining and invites you to enjoy what nature has to offer. Perhaps a gentle walk. Perhaps an impromptu, yet relaxing Reiki session during the walk. Perhaps write a journal entry under a shade-offering tree after a brief guided meditation session. Perhaps visit a local tourist site. Perhaps play with the local children. Each time, ask yourself what is best for yourself at that moment, strengthen your intuition.

There is no fixed itinerary. Do as you please. The Guide will facilitate.

Laugh.  Chat.  Relax.  Enjoy.

All the while, basking in the events unfolding in the present.