Travel for your Mind, Body & Spirit

The Testimonials

The familiar quote “Life is a journey, not a destination” is the best way I can describe Karen and how I have gotten to know her.
So it’s not a surprise to me that she is using all her passions to start a spiritual travel tour. Yes, she is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, BodyTalk Access technician, and has travelled to many places around the globe but she is also courageous, open to trying something new, honest, and enjoys the journey as much as the destination {both inwards(personal growth)  and outwards (environment)}  Even though I have never actually gone on a travel tour with her outside Toronto, I have done a mini travel tour within Toronto and that journey was a great experience. She introduced my tastebuds to new flavours, provided knowledgeable information to questions I had regarding her travels and other cultures, and the day ended in a fun, interactive personal growth kind of way. Since then I have done Yoga with her and she combines it with a few other tools that makes it a clearing and expansive experience.
The best way I can summarize the experience is to Imagine yourself travelling to a place anywhere around the world, some place new perhaps or maybe even somewhere familiar, and within that journey you come back home to a fresh perspective on life and by life I mean not just what’s out there but more importantly what’s inside you.
~ Kristine Apostol, Toronto