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Understanding Signs from the Universe

Signs. Symbols. Signals.

What am I talking about?! Traffic signs? Smoke signals?? Animal totems? Unique numbers?

These little things in life assures you that you are on the Path, alignment has been found and you have the green light to advance! Take that next step!

Peace sign engraved onto a large stone found at a ruin - on display at the  Fethiye Museum in Turkey
Peace sign engraved onto a large stone found at a ruin – on display at the Fethiye Museum in Turkey

Over the years, I’ve learned and am still in the process of learning and reading the signs from the Universe. I mean it’s helpful for me to know what constitutes as a sign and what’s not, when I ask the Universe to show me a ‘sign’ to confirm or negate something I’ve asked.

It is different for each and every one of us, as each of us are a unique human being in our own right. We may share similarities but really, your thoughts and interpretation of the sighting of a rabbit is most likely different than mine. So for a starter, stop reading the books that are supposed to help you interpret your dreams and symbols!! Soon enough, you will write your own book specific for yourself.

Start asking yourself the questions

You and your higher self will give you the answers! Trust me! All the answers to your questions are inside you. Why not trust yourself? You of all people would not lie to yourself!

It’s not beneficial to lie to yourself, so trust that inner voice of yours!


I can give you examples of what I use as signs from the Universe to assure me I am on the Path, in alignment.

My birth date is March 3rd, so naturally the number 3 is of special significance to me. Also, the pronunciation of the number 3 in Cantonese, mirrors that of the word, grow (生). So say I was a bit scared and hesitant about booking a hotel or a flight to a destination that the general society believe is not safe – I tend to check the confirmation number after making the booking. If the confirmation number has the number 3, I take that as a sign of reassurance from the Universe. I have made the right decision. When I arrive, if the room number also include the number 3, that’s another reminder.

Signs are not self-initiated or self-intended, by that I mean I don’t go out of my way to look for a hotel with an address that includes the number 3. Confirmation numbers are randomly generated. The room number at a hotel and the seat number that are generated by a source of which I cannot control. I did not manipulate them on a conscious level. These I take as signs.

Animal totems are of significance for me. For example, butterflies symbolizes many things for me; end of transformation, life is short, time is fleeting so be present and capture the moment, live in happiness.

Swordtail butterfly spotted during my visit of the grand Iguazzu waterfalls in Argentina (2013)
Swordtail butterfly spotted during my visit of the grand Iguazzu waterfalls in Argentina (2013)

Many of us, including myself, live in auto-pilot from time to time. Not always living and breathing in the present moment. So when Mother nature (Gaia), shows me a sign and snaps me back into the present, I take note! Be it the soft fragrance from a flower, the rustle of tree leaves in the breeze, the song from a bird (hidden out of sight) or the flash of a bee or a colourful, fluttering butterfly – these are all signs from the Universe and Mother nature for me to come back into the present moment. No need to worry about the future. Stop replaying that conversation between you and your significant other from last night.

Live in the Present moment.

Synchronicity play a very significant role in my life. When I follow my intuition, my senses, my Path; my life comes into alignment. The Universe reassures me and perhaps rewards me with smooth sailing. If you drive, picture a long road with all the traffic lights set to Green! Yes, that’s the feeling I get. No need to hold my breath. Just enjoy and live.

I will progressively share stories from my daily life and my traveling life; the synchronicities that have played out in the past and present. I want to show you and help you, my potential client or blog reader, to live a less challenging life. Understand what I mean by traveling with your intuition.

Follow me. Walk with me.

I believe I can help you, if you honour me with the opportunity.